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With Kobo, reading couldn't be easier. Browse the eBooks you want, purchase them quickly and start reading right away!

Support OS: Android | iPhone | iPad | Blackberry

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Kobo 4.7.9236

Requirements:Android 2.2.x or higher

Kobo Books 5.9.1

Requirements:iOS 5.0 or higher

Kobo Books 5.9.1

Requirements:iOS 5.0 or higher


Download our FREE app and start reading millions of free and affordable eBooks from the palm of your hand. Shop the Kobo Store by visiting Kobo and you'll have access to over 3.2 million eBooks, newspapers and magazines. With Kobo, reading on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch couldn't be easier.

Great reasons to try Kobo:

#1: Make reading more fun and social with Reading Life™.
• Track your reading habits with interesting stats and compare with friends
• Earn fun and surprising awards
• See what books your friends are reading and find your next great read
• Discover your book's pulse – see who's reading the book and share ideas & comments about what you've just read with the Kobo community

#2: Share passages, notes, awards and more to Facebook and Twitter.
• Add Kobo to your Facebook Timeline to share your reading activity with your friends and track your reading life on Facebook

#3: Add books to your library from e-mail, the web, or your Dropbox account.
• Add books in EPUB and PDF format using iTunes, Safari, Mail, or Dropbox

#4: Look up unfamiliar words in the dictionary or Wikipedia and Google with a simple finger press.

#5: Get the latest news and trends with newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
• Enjoy your first 14 days for free!
• Get the latest issues delivered directly to your library

#6: Customize your reading experience.
• Enjoy crisp, clear text, and choose the size and style of text that you prefer
• Turn pages just like a real book; the 'page curl' animation even captures the look!
• Try Night Mode for easier nighttime reading
• Personalize the look of your library background and bookmarks (iPad only)
• Easily create personal shelves of your books, newspapers, magazines and documents
• Read in portrait or landscape mode
• Add notes as you read

#7: Enjoy library synchronization across all your Kobo apps.
• Use multiple Kobo apps with a single Kobo account, and let Kobo keep track of your books, Reading Life awards and bookmarks for you
• Access your notes and highlights made on other devices (across iOS apps, Kobo Touch/Mini/Glo eReaders, Kobo Arc, and Kobo Desktop app)



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